Menneskeheden oplever en skæbnetime, hvor de beslutninger der træffes vil give genlyd ned gennem århundrederne, ligesom vores forfædres storm af bastillen og vores bedstefædres ofre på Normandiets kyster.
Men hvordan ser den aktuelle situation ud fra de indre verdener? Det var spørgsmålet som inspirerede min nyytårsvideo: Gaia’s Nytårstale 2021.

Written by : Rolf Jackson

Rolf Jackson is an author, educator and spiritual activist working in numerous fields, including leadership development, community building and spiritual politics.

Coming from a scientific background as an engineer specialized in theoretical physics (M.Sc.E.), Rolf has conducted extensive research into the foundations of modern science, psychology, and esotericism.

In his fictional writing he generally move between an outer realistic world and an inner world of causes. The relation between these two worlds forms a creative tension that has been the driving force in his work.

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