The Little Book of Truth

The Little Book of Truth


Life is filled with beauty and magic. The law of synchronicity gives rise to the “meaningful coincidences” that guide our lives. But synchronicity has never really been explained – until now.

This book presents the fascinating account of how Universal Mind created objective reality in order to learn and evolve. All life emerged from this source. It is by aligning yourself with the source, that you find the fulfillment you seek.

The insights presented in this book open up a whole new perspective on creativity, business and politics, and reveal great new frontiers for Humankind to explore. However, exploring them requires a new type of leadership – spiritual leadership. In addition to being practical and useful, spiritual leadership is also a path to self-realization – a path that allows us to create meaningful results, while leading us towards illumination and the doors of initiation into the ancient mysteries.

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Rolf Jackson combines a scientific background with twenty years of esoteric practice. He has founded a number of groundbreaking training-programs in spiritual leadership that allow you to connect to your inner wisdom, find the answers you need, and create result that matter!


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