The Fall of Atlantis (Grail Wars #1)

The Fall of Atlantis (Grail Wars #1)


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During the darkest days of World War II a prophetic Russian general gives a young German soldier a Templar medallion with a message for someone not yet born.

Seventy years later, approaching the end of time in 2012, the medallion turns the life of banker and freemason, Alaric Eisenhart upside down. The medallion reveals an amazing tale, spanning 25.000 years. It is the story of the soul Andvari and his struggle down through the ages, to overcome the evil spawned by events in Atlantis.

As remarkable links between modern politics and ancient Atlantean evil are revealed Alaric finds himself involved in an amazing lovestory and embroiled in a deadly struggle with the Illuminati.

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1 review for The Fall of Atlantis (Grail Wars #1)

  1. Jophan Tino

    As the story unfolds, I first sensed and later realized that ‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ as well as other great tales, have paved the way for this … myth? … that encompasses it all: Fact, Fiction, Heaven and Hell.

    Reading Grail Wars is like attending a potent and pregnant classical concerto ”Bolero in writing” enjoying every tune and waiting eagerly for the crowning finale!

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Reader feedback:

“Grail Wars is incredible, mystical, moving and multifaceted. It is an amazing and surprising journey that left me with a beaming smile on my lips.”

“Although, the story is fiction it feels disturbingly true! Reading Grail Wars changed my life in ways I could not have imagined.”

“Grail Wars is powerful, grand, and original, and way ahead, theologically and psychologically, of the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.”

“Reading Grail Wars is like attending a potent classical concerto — Bolero in writing — enjoying every tune and waiting eagerly for the crowning finale!”


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