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Nothing is what it seems...

  • In Atlantis, the soul Andvari falls prey to the temptations of love and betrays his brother, Prince Adaru. The betrayal causes Adaru to rebel against the Law of Light and turn to the dark side. This precipitates the loss of the Grail and the fall of Atlantis. Grail Wars is the story of Andvari’s struggle throughout the ages to overcome the evil spawned by his betrayal and restore the Grail to humanity. To do so he must either redeem or destroy his soul brother Adaru. During the darkest days of the Second World War a prophetic Russian general gives a young German soldier a Templar medallion with a message for someone not yet born. Seventy years later, approaching the End of Time, in December 2012, the Templar medallion sends banker and freemason, Alaric Eisenhart, on a Grail quest. Alaric soon finds himself involved in an amazing love story and embroiled in a deadly struggle between the Illuminati and the Gaian League. As remarkable links between modern politics and ancient Atlantean evil are revealed, Alaric realizes that while the world economy may be the battlefield, the soul of mankind is the prize…nothing is what it seems. EU: [ Buy on | Buy on ]
  • The End of Time (Grail Wars #4)

    Having unraveled the first two riddles of the templar medallion, Alaric finds himself in the middle of an intense political and occult conflict between the Gaian League, fighting for global justice, and sinister forces of cosmic evil. Forced to choose between truth and love, Alaric realizes that due to his role in events on Atlantis, he now has the key to undo the evil that holds mankind in an iron grip. In a gambit that will either shake the pillars of reality, or cost his soul, Alaric risks all in a confrontation with the ancient shadows. When a lone terrorist on live TV suddenly threatens Jerusalem with nuclear destruction, unless the truth about mankinds most painful wound is brought forth, the threads of ancient evil reaches a surprising cusp at the End of Time. EU: [ Buy on | Buy on ]
  • The Fall of Atlantis (Grail Wars #1)

    During the darkest days of World War II a prophetic Russian general gives a young German soldier a Templar medallion with a message for someone not yet born. Seventy years later, approaching the end of time in 2012, the medallion turns the life of banker and freemason, Alaric Eisenhart upside down. The medallion reveals an amazing tale, spanning 25.000 years. It is the story of the soul Andvari and his struggle down through the ages, to overcome the evil spawned by events in Atlantis. As remarkable links between modern politics and ancient Atlantean evil are revealed Alaric finds himself involved in an amazing lovestory and embroiled in a deadly struggle with the Illuminati. EU: [ Buy on | Buy on ]
  • The Battle of Mankind (Grail Wars #2)

    Trying to solve the riddle of the Templar medallion, Joy and Alaric travel to Montsegur in Southern France. The mountain fortress was said to be the true grail castle. It was also here the medieval Cathar faith met its end, when 225 Cathar priests and priestesses were burned alive by the Vatican on March 16 1244. Going singing unto the pyre they prophesied that they would return in seven hundred years. Reading about Andvari’s many lives and his vicious struggles with his arch enemy, the black magician Asura, they begin to understand the true nature of the battle of mankind. As they approach the sacred mountain a playful intimacy develops between Joy and Alaric. But in a remote corner of Alaric’s mind a terrible suspicion is taking form. EU: [ Buy on | Buy on ]
  • The Grail Quest (Grail Wars #3)

    “Follow the sign of Michael to the Grail in the Heart of the Mountain” says the second riddle of the Templar medallion. Being unable to solve the mystery, Joy decides to share the original story of the grail with Alaric, revealing how the secret of the grail seems related to the splitting of the atom and the very nature of reality. Alaric’s growing enchantment with his traveling companion, draws him to her home – the pioneering community “Avalon.” To unravel the mystery of the grail, Alaric realizes that he must confront the darkest corners of his soul and face the shadow of his father that he has avoided all his life. As he embarks on an amazing journey of selfdiscovery and forgiveness, he gradually realizes that nothing is what it seems... EU: [ Buy on | Buy on ]
  • For mange tusinde år siden var Lucas skyld i at en hel planet faldt i hænderne på den kosmiske ondskab. Den karmiske gæld forfølger ham stadig her på jorden. Da det amerikanske folk i 2008 vælger præsident Obama, står menneskeheden over for en ny mulighed. Men et nyt lys kalder altid på de gamle skygger – og de vil gøre alt for at slukke lyset. Grundet sin karma får Lucas en uventet mulighed for at besejre ondskabens kilde. Det sker da den tavse konge hidkalder Lucas til de indre planer. Men hvorfor siger kongen ingenting? Hvis Lucas kan løse gåden om den tavse konge inden fristen rinder ud, kan han forsegle døren til det onde. Hvis ikke forbliver døren åben i endnu en kosmisk tidsalder. Det bliver et kapløb på liv og død. For at overvinde den sorte drage, som er ondskabens kilde, må han konfrontere det mørkeste kapitel i sin sjæls historie - og den kærlighed, som var skyld i tragedien... EU: [ Buy on | Buy on ]
  • Da den herreløse drage Smirg hærger Avena, aner ingen sine levende råd. Men en nat har den unge prins Facio en drøm. I drømmen møder han søprinsessen, der hersker over et magisk rige på den anden side af det uendelige hav. Han forstår, at hun alene har nøglen til at redde Avena. For hun er en kærlighedsdrage, og kun sand kærlighed kan besejre en ond drage. Men rigets mægtigste mænd griner blot af prinsen, da han fortæller om søprinsessen. Facio tvinges derfor til at risikere alt for at trodse havet alene. Han må finde søprinsessen eller dø i forsøget. EU: [ Buy on | Buy on ]
  • The king is killed in battle. Mad from grief his young queen flees deep into the woods to raise their infant son, the young prince Parzival, as far from the temptations of the world as possible. But in the absence of king and queen, the land soon lies waste and an evil sorcerer casts a spell on the land, that can only be lifted by someone who understands the secret of the grail. As he comes of age, the strong but foolish Parzival must unravel the secrets of his family to become the knight who can reclaim the grail and heal both country and family. This is a modern retelling of the original story of the grail, bringing its essential wisdom to the fore. The story is arguable one of the most influential narratives in western spiritual traditions and the source of inspiration for countless works of art. EU: [ Buy on | Buy on ]
  • Life is filled with beauty and magic. The law of synchronicity gives rise to the "meaningful coincidences" that guide our lives. But synchronicity has never really been explained - until now. This book presents the fascinating account of how Universal Mind created objective reality in order to learn and evolve. All life emerged from this source. It is by aligning yourself with the source, that you find the fulfillment you seek. The insights presented in this book open up a whole new perspective on creativity, business and politics, and reveal great new frontiers for Humankind to explore. However, exploring them requires a new type of leadership - spiritual leadership. In addition to being practical and useful, spiritual leadership is also a path to self-realization - a path that allows us to create meaningful results, while leading us towards illumination and the doors of initiation into the ancient mysteries. EU: [ Buy on | Buy on ]
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